May 7, 2021

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Te Whanau a Apanui Hui a Iwi, Te Kaha

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TE WHANAU A APANUI HUI-A-IWI confirmed for Sunday 17 August, Te Kaha Marae, Tukaki whare tipuna. 10am start. Kaupapa korero are Treaty negotiation matters and Whenua (including the proposed changes to whenua laws).

NAU MAI HAERE MAI TE KATOA, please attend or make arrangements for someone representing your whanau to attend so you get the korero. Please also arrange for your kuia/koroua to be there – and whakamohio te marea.

Ko te tikanga a te iwi te ture whakahaere. This panui is for ALL HAPU of Te Whanau a Apanui, mai Te Taumata o Apanui ki Potikirua.

Dayle Takitimu / Rikirangi Gage.


1 thought on “Te Whanau a Apanui Hui a Iwi, Te Kaha

  1. Treaty negotiations? Whaanau A Apanui was one of the VERY few iwi that DID NOT LOSE LAND to the NZ Govt or Pakeha. Time the Maori & Mainstream Media investigated this, Dayle Takitimu what have you schemed up this time? Legitimate Iwi Leaders’? The tuuturu Kaumatua of this iwi know who the true and legitimate Rangatira Whaanau are in Whaanu A Apanui – not the Iwi “TV Show-Ponnies'”. Ask the HARD Question how did Rikirangi Gage & Dayle Takitimu get “appointed” there in the first place and why have they been there for a long period with NO REVIEW of Iwi financial grants or spending or renewal of hapu staff? And why is it that most of the staff are Gage & Delamere Whaanau connected/Nepotism from Tutawake hapu mainly?

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