May 11, 2021

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Car Registration Korero from Uncle Tiari

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This panui from one of the Uncles (*note: while we don’t endorse this korero, if you manage to save some money, please send outa karakia to uncle Tiari in appreciation: Potaua).


Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 10.48.11 amYou should already know that the cost of relicencing a vehicle drops substantially on1 Aprilnext year…

The drop is about $130, or $11 a month.
For a petrol car, the cost of relicencing virtually halves.

If you own a vehicle that needs to be relicenced between now and31 March, there is something you can do to take full advantage of the big drop, and save money, possibly plenty.

Firstly, what youshould notdo isrelicencefor a full year when you next relicence.
If you do that, you will gift the Agency $11 a month for each month from May next year that you have relicenced for.

What youshould dois relicence only for the number of months from when your current licence expires, up to and including April next year.
And I mean April, not March, because if you relicence in March, you will be paying the current fee, not the much lower new fee.

You have to relicence in April to take full advantage of the new, low fee.

So, for example, if your current licence expires next month (September), you renew only for SEVEN months up to and including April. If you then license for the other five months, you will have paid $55 less than if you next relicence for 12 months. If you have more than one vehicle that needs relicencing before31 March, then you will save even more.

The relicencing form allows you to relicence for any number of months from 3 to 12, so don’t think that you have to relicence for 12 months. You don’t.

Because you have to relicense for at least three months, if your current licence expires in February or March next year, then you are stuck with gifting the government $11 or $22. But only relicense for three months.

Don’t be sheepish or afraid to relicence for less than 12 months. No-one will ask you why. You are not doing something that you are not entitled to do.

In April (or May if your current licence expires in February, or June if it expires in March) you have two choices. You can revert to renewing for a year. But if you have a lot of other bills in April and so would like to relicence in an easier month, then relicence only for the number of months until your preferred month, then relicence for 12 months when your preferred month arrives.

A drop like this won’t happen again, so make the most of it!

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