May 12, 2021

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Human Rights Commissioner highlights Indigenous home ownership barriers

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Australia’s Human Rights Commissioner says a lack of home ownership for Aboriginal people in the Kimberley has become a key human rights issue.

792328-5aed0026-66af-11e3-8787-87be39998516Tim Wilson is visiting Aboriginal communities throughout the Kimberley, ahead of his ‘rights and responsibilities’ tour next month.

Mr Wilson told the ABC’s Kimberley Breakfast program, he is finding barriers to home ownership and land rights complexities have become a human rights issue.

“This is very important in terms of the human rights discussion and has often been ignored, and particularly for Aboriginal people and the complexities around native title and how that can be used as part of that discussion, I’m very interested in,” he said.

“One of the consistent themes we’ve [heard] throughout this entire trip has been about property rights, how they limit people’s capacity to develop their communities and the consequences that has for people.”

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