May 7, 2021

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Interview with Find Your Voice star Adam Saunders

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E rau rangatira ma, tena koutou katoa.

He mihi mahana ki a koe.

A few days ago we heard about an inspiring new film called Find Your Voice’.

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 12.37.20 pmFind your Voicetells the story of Elvis E Peniaha (Adam Saunders), a young Maori musician who, after a divine windfall, returns to his native New Zealand in a quest to explore his musical roots.

He soon becomes lost on the road to fulfillment as love, culture and cash collide. Along the way, he is forced to confront a single burning question -How much would you give to find your voice?

We loved the concept (and the video) and decided to get in touch with the main man, Adam Saunders to ask him a few questions and to learn a little more about the this intriguing story.

Tena koe Adam, no hea koe? Where are you from?

My name is Adam Saunders, Im 28 years old and am an Actor and film maker from Sydney Australia, where I was born and raised.

Next, where did you develop your skills as an actor, who were/are your role models and what are some of your early roles?:

I’ve been acting from a young age of 7 starting out in commercials and some extra work. I attended various performing arts schools whilst growing up but have found that I’ve developed most of what I know through experience. I began hosting tv shows through high school (K-Zone Tv) and landed my first lead role in the TV series “Blue Water High” at age 18. From there I’ve had various roles on Australian drama shows such as “Home and Away”. I try to soak up as much knowledge as I can each time I step on set. My role models are my family. They are all extremely hard workers who always strive for improvement and betterment in their line of work and it’s something I endeavur to bring to my approach also.

Now directly related to Find Your Voice. Couldyou please describe Find Your Voice and how you came to be a part of the production? What motivated you/stirred you to get involved in creating such an uplifting film?

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 2.17.16 pmFind Your Voice is a celebration of familyand culture through one young mans spiritual odyssey in search of true purpose and placein todays world.

The film follows Elvis E Pineaha, a Sydney Maori and musician, who like many youngadults has lost sight of who he really is, and what really counts. After winning the lottery, Edecides to journey back to New Zealand to find himself.

I met the Director, Chris Herd whilst working at the ABC on a show I hosted (Creature Features) and from there we began working on the idea for Find Your Voice. He found something interesting in me being an Australian Maori and my upbringing. Like my character in the film I didnt have a lot of knowledge about my culture being raised in Australia. I saw the film as a chance to go back to my roots which I think is so important in order top move forward in life.

Who are the Cast and Crew?

We were lucky enough to haveAcademy Award nomineeKEISHA CASTLE-HUGHES take an interest in our film and come on board as a lead character. It also stars Aus and NZ newcomers, Michael Long, Zurial Harrison and Thomas Stowers. Find Your Voice also features music veterans includingmusic legends Tama Lundon of Herbs, Ian Moss of Cold Chisel and the first-ever Maoriwinner of New Zealands Next Top Model, Danielle Hayes.

The crew was ever changing and always small. With only a handul of us around at a time meant that we all pitching in where we could, with myself even having to hold the boom pole for sound recording at times.

What is the idea behind crowd sourcing support for the film?

Well the great thing about crowd funding is that it not only spreads awareness about the film but if successfully funded will allow us to actually complete the film! We are hoping to raise enough to have the film edited, the sound mixed and basically give the film the cinematic finishing touches that it deserves.

And finally, how can our readers support you?

If your readers would like to know more they can heading along to our campaign page. There they can read up about our crowd funding campaign in detail as well as find links to our social media pages to stay up to date as our journey unfolds.

Kia ora mo tena e Adam

Whanau, if you get a chance please check out Find Your Voice now!





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