May 12, 2021

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Wow that time of the year again a time which I used to cringe about when I was a small child because far from the joviality and merriment associated with Christmas my childhood memories are filled with just the opposite, especially on this most sacred day.

On the positive side there was always a lot of food, which I consumed as fast as I could just in case. I ate all the food I could before it disappeared. When I was hungry, I ate and I was hungry a lot back then. Poverty does that to you.

As for associating Xmas with the birth of some dude who came from another race I had never heard of, who lived in a country Id never heard of thousands of kilometres in another part of the world I had never heard of, who existed thousands of years before I was even born and who supposedly died for my sins when I didnt even know what the word meant let alone ask him to was just too ludicrous for words yet people throughout the world still believe in him thats why the western world at least celebrate the mass for Christs birth.

Baby-Jesus-Picture-Sitting-On-Mary-With-JosephI tried for years to find out where Jesus lived, and as much information as I could about his parents Mary and Joseph yet I couldnt find anything in history zilch! But this guy is celebrated by the One World Church i.e. Roman Catholic (worldwide) Church which began under the orders of the Roman Emperor Constantine I in AD 325, so surely there would have been loads of information about him. But I found nothing to substantiate that he even existed. I couldnt find anything at all about Mary and Joseph his human spirits. The virgin birth thing was just too stupid to even give it any consideration although I did come across parthenogenesis which is where offspring arise through the female alone no male involvement but then Mary would have had to have been a bee. Youd expect that a man well revered throughout the world by millions of people in different countries would have lots and lots of information written and recorded about him but there is absolutely nothing. Oh I did find a few references to Christos known to the Gnostics and quoted by devout followers but they are merely one or two word references as to his existence but not one reference to Jesus. So where does that leave me?

I believe that the Christian religion is based on the biggest lie ever told. Its the best con job in the universe and it is working very well and very lucratively indeed. While millions of people suffer, are homeless and dying every minute of every day the fat cats in the church carry on gathering money and building an empire.

The Christian churches came to Aotearoa via missionaries and found the Maori people very open to it. The concept of unconditional love appealed to them and their own philosophy wasnt too far from it – so many of them took to it in their droves. They even gave land to the church lots of it and they literally believed the missionaries as being Gods voice here on earth. So they stopped killing one another and many of the tribal wars ceased as a result.

app-3-samuel-marsden-first-service-480The Pakeha missionaries and other men of the cloth told them that Gods love overrode anything else. He wanted people to love one another through his son Jesus. All you had to do was accept Jesus as the only son of God, join the church by giving your money and attend church regularly and youll be alright. Your soul would go to heaven when you died.

Oh and by the way, did I mention that they also said that because Adam and Eve had sinned directly against God all humans from that time onward are sinners? And what is a sinner? This is another way of saying that you are no good. And what does God say he will do to you if you are a sinner? He condemns your soul to eternal hell fire and brimstone for eternity. The only way to save your soul is to go to church regularly and give your money to them.

In business circles thats repeat business. What a con!!!

And to make it even better our Calendar is based on this lie.

One thing Ive learnt in my years of living and making so many mistakes is to check on everything before I commit.VaticanThe Vatican is super wealthy yet just a few kilometres away from it there are thousands of poor people living in dreadful conditions. How could the church explain that? Yet in its gold plaited doors and buildings with heavy bullet proof glass there lie millions and millions of dollars of gifts and treasures people have donated to the church.

Why dont they practise what they preach and spread happiness and joy throughout the very homes of the poor that surround them?

And they dont pay taxes no church does. Its the wealthiest square mile in the world.

December the 25th is also not the day when the so called birth took place. There are various arguments that have his birth at differing dates so a definite birth cannot be settled on between the Theologians and the Historians. Hows that for definite wisdom.

What happens to lies? They grow and they grow.

santa-cokeAnd thats what has been happening to this so-called faith. Its grown so popular that Coca Cola invested in it and saw it as a great marketing tool for their drinks so they pulled in the colours red, white and black and revived an old tale about a guy who gave presents to people somewhere in Scandinavia where its really cold. His name was Nicholas and they made him a Saint without the churchs blessing of course bad for business. So they called him Santa Claus, which is in fact Saint Nicholas.

Ive written a lot about mauri the consciousness energy that exists all around us and within us. When any mauri is filled with negative energy and lies are negative energy then it perpetuates itself. The more it continues the stronger it gets.

Holy men and women bless guns and military vessels when they go to war. There is a member of a religious group in prisons and within every military force.

My father and many other Maori men were put in ball and chains and made to work on road gangs because they wouldnt go to war because the church told them that killing was bad.

Its no wonder that the violence abounds around this time of year.

But remember you are perfect in every way thats what our own traditional belief says through the teachings of IO. And you are certainly not going to be punished by anyone. You are a potential super being capable of who knows!!!

Take care and enjoy the holiday period with your whanau aye.

Olly Ohlson [email protected]



3 thoughts on “Mauri Hauora Walk Talk 8 by Olly Ohlson

  1. You dont have to be a member of a church to believe in a creator or that there isnt something beyond us. In this article Olly has mentioned Mauri, life force, this in essence is a spirituality. This shows a far deeper commitment then going to church and maybe listening, maybe taking a nap. Jews dont believe Jesus was the Messiah, and it was only because of the Roman emperor has the Catholic Church come into existence. IT seems to be a big money pit. Similar to other churches. I have been contemplating something along the lines of why do churches require so much money (i know not all do)? given that they have so much money…why is there so much poverty around them? Is a church that requires large tithing really a church that you should belong to? I have been told many times, if you have to pay for it…its not worth it.
    Be it yoga/tai chi/zen/christianity it should be freely shared.

  2. Olly te po nui Ohlson lol. Looking for truth in all the wrong places. You similar to a painting trying to understand the painter or the writing the writer and in this case the creation it’s creator. A clear impossibility Olly. A suggestion, you might want to return to play school and begin your journey again. Tane went on a similar journey but being a creation he also could not find his Creator nevertheless the knowledge that he gleaned from the world about him left him in no doubt that such an entity did exist. We wish for thy sake that you become informed of the truth of the matter however shouldst thou desirest to remain in te po nui thou hast been endowed with free will that thou mayest do so. lol

  3. Spot on about religion. It was designed by the Romans to control the masses as they expanded east into Byzantium (modern day Turkey). Slightly off about Santa. The guy who gave presents, St Nicholas, was a Greek priest in what is now southern Turkey. He traveled about bearing gifts. Father Christmas was a Nordic children’s story about the winter solstice, depicting the sun as a fat red man in the sky, disappearing over the horizon. In America St Nicholas got mixed up with Father Christmas, and Coca Cola created the modern Santa.

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