May 15, 2021

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Save Hato Petera Maori School

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New Zealand First is calling on the Government to step in immediately to save Maori Catholic co-ed school, Hato Petera College.

logoIf it was good enough for the National government to rescue private school Whanganui Collegiate, which had run up huge debt, then it has a duty to save Hato Petera, says New Zealand First Deputy Leader and Education Spokesperson Tracey Martin.

The Education Review Office (ERO) has asked the Ministry of Education to partner with the school board and proprietors to resolve issues around the safety of school buildings and the quality of accommodation.

Only two years ago the then Associate Minister of Education, Pita Sharples, announced new scholarships for Maori students to attend boarding school.

The ability to board is especially important for young rural people.

Hato Petera was one of the schools highlighted at the announcement of these scholarships, the Government took the glory then so now they need to pull up a chair at the table and help the school with its property issues.

The students are about to finish their school year and head home. There is no better time to gain an agreement and get in the builders to bring the buildings up to standard.

Hato Petera College is the only Integrated, Maori Catholic Co-educational School in the world, says Ms Martin.

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