May 16, 2021

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Te Reo Puawai Maori – Starting your te reo Maori journey

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A great beginners guide to te reo – not just speaking and writing, but how to teach it to others. This programme explores the basics and you will have the opportunity to engage and discuss content with facilitators and other students in online forums and attend a face-to-face hui (where appropriate).

yidobab7yvdgc3wdkha6What you will learn

  • How to speak te reo Maori confidently
  • How to teach te reo Maori to others.

Start date and length of programme

The programme begins on Friday 20 February 2015, and runs for 8-10 weeks.

Week 1: Friday 20 Feb, all day face to face hui, held in Christchurch
Week 9: Friday 1 May, all day face to face hui, held in Christchurch


$350 + GST for 1 person

$700 + GST for 2 people

$892 + GST for 3 people

The additional cost per person thereafter, is $230 pp. To register for 4 or more people from the same school, please click the Register for 4+ people’ button and fill in the form with names of all participants to be registered.

Teachers or whanau members who would like to develop personal te reo M?ori proficiency, and receive preferential enrolment in the level two programme.


8-10 week course divided into four modules.

2-5 professional learning hours per week, including three hours online facilitation.

Each module will look like this:

Week 1- face to face hui in Christchurch

Weeks 2-8- complete a task, supported by online resources and discussions and contributed to by the facilitators.

Week 9- face to face in Christchurch with group feedback and reflection and an opportunity for a korero-a-waha assessment.

Access to the resources will remain open to participants until the end of the year in which the course is undertaken.

There will be an opportunity to continue learning by enrolling in Module 2 for those interested.


Two face to face hui, held in Christchurch, one each in the first and last week of the course.

The rest of the course will be online, consisting of weekly content to engage with at anytime, anywhere that suits the participants.

An online facilitator support will be available each week to support participant learning online.


Tamara Bell

Tamara Bell is the Cashmere Cluster Facilitator/Learning with Digital Technologies Facilitator/Professional Learning Services Facilitator. Tamara has been teaching in the primary sector for ten years, teaching in the United Kingdom, on the West Coast, and in Christchurch. In 2010, she took a year’s leave from a Deputy Principal position after receiving a full study award to attend the University of Canterbury, where she received a Postgraduate Diploma in Education: Hoaka Pounamu-Te Reo Maori Bilingual and Immersion Teaching. Tamaras passions are te reo Maori in English-medium schools, the pedagogy of second language acquisition, I.C.T and e-learning, so her current role as a National Facilitator with CORE is her dream job, incorporating all of these areas!


The aim of the Level 1 course is to enhance personal proficiency in te reo Maori, with a proficiency target comparable to curriculum levels 1 of Te Aho Arataki Marau mo te ako i Te Reo Maori Kura Auraki: Curriculum Guidelines for Teaching and Learning Te Reo Maori in English-medium Schools years 1-13.

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