May 9, 2021

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NASA scientists help tamariki learn more about space exploration

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Rotoiti was buzzing this weekas a group of NASA scientists were welcomed to Te Takinga Marae. The geothermal region of Rotorua is an ideal test environment for the space explorers, and furthermore, it’s got kids daring to dream.

This week the Spaceward Bound program, which aims to encourage young people into space exploration, washeld at Te Takinga Marae.

NASA scientist Dr Carol Stoker says they started out with 50 people, students, teachers and scientists.

As we’ve been here we’ve actually accumulated more people because as local people would hear about it they would start coming in as well.”

ABOUT New Zealand Astrobiology Group

The new group of the Royal Astronomical Society (RASNZ) has been established to foster the local astrobiology community.The Astrobiology Group aims to inspire interest in the field through newsletters, educational programmes and outreach events. Its formation was approved by RASNZ at their 91st annual conference, held in June, 2014.

Astrobiology is the study of the origin and future of life in the universe. It also examines whether life exists beyond Earth, and if so, how humans might detect it.The field is especially interesting because it combines many scientific disciplines, such as physics, chemistry and geology, in order to study life on Earth and potential life in space.

To learn more about New ZealandAstrobiologyvisit


Haritina Mogosanu
Lead of the Astrobiology New Zealand Group
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