May 18, 2021

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Rock Wren Exterminated From Kahurangi National Park

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DoC today confirmed that none of the 26 monitored rock wren in Kahurangi National Park have been seen again since the recent aerial 1080 poison operation.

Rock_wrenDoCs Mike Slater says because no corpses have been found more work is required to find out what has happened and suggests Its not clear whether we have lost birds to heavy snow that fell after the operation, 1080 or predator attack.

Rock wren have adapted and evolved to NZs alpine environment over the millennia, so to blame their loss on snow fall would appear fanciful, and the predators were supposed to have been killed by the 1080.

DoCs own publication in Nov 2013 Principles Based Decision Tree urged conservation planners to pause for reflection if a Nationally Endangered bird species is found at a site, and no previous studies are available for assessing the by-kill risk.

In failing to pause for reflection, Mike Slaters DoC staff appear to have now established a 100% by-kill risk to the endangered rock wren from aerial 1080 operations.

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