May 15, 2021

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BREAKING NEWS: Porter is standing in Northland By Election

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It is with great respect that I, Porter, Rueben Taipari accept the Mana party candidacy to stand in the Northland by election caused by the mysterious resignation of Mike Sabin ex National party MP.

1010940v2-1024x683The reason I accept is because the corruption within this Govt is amajor issue and blatant disregard for the democratic system, fasttracked laws, misuse of Govt intelligence services, convenientforgetfulness and many other unethical practises should be a concernfor all who value our freedom as a democratic country.

National made a lot of promises in the election last year and has keptnone of them.

This seems to be a regular occurrence that National takes Northlandvoters for granted.

Now they are going to cost the country over a $1 million to hold thisby election, which they could have avoided had they investigated theircandidates more thoroughly. I dont know the new candidate but I hopethey have done their homework better this time

The issues of the future economy for Northland will be a major focus for me in the debates ahead and the Mana party policies have sound suggestions that will benefit the future of local businesses in Northland. My holistic understanding of the economy and about how political power is manouvered towards our regions benefit will be an asset that everbody can take advantage of.

Mana is totally against toxic mining and Deep sea Oil drilling inNorthland by companies such as Statoil from Norway. The potentialthreat to our coastlines only 30kms off of Ahipara and being surveyeddown past the Kaipara and into the Auckland Waitemata harbours is amassive risk to take and the Govt is giving no compensation packagesor holding anybody accountable should a disaster occur.

Pal Haremo,vice president of Statoil has confirmed that they have no experiencedrilling below 2000 metres. Risking our homes and seas for the Govts
financial benefit will not bring prosperity to our communities. Manaparty believes in an environmentally sustainable economy, married withmodern technology and our unique cultural identity will be the futurefor Northland.

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