May 16, 2021

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Flash dazzles thousands in New Zealand skies #meteor #comet #tohu #flash

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Social media erupted tonight as thousands of New Zealanders up and down the North Island were dazzled by a bright flash of light followed by a booming sound. Different viewers reported seeing a variety of colours, in particularblue and green.

Some speculated that it was a comet, others that it was a meteorite.

Reports have come from social mediaas far south as Wellington and as far north as Auckland. The light was seen in Rotorua around 10pm tonight.

Pets also responded to the noice with one woman tweeting:

The Stuff are reporting that theMetService said a yellow streak visible on its weather map was “definitely not lightning, most likely a #meteor”. TV presenter John Campbell was witnessed it, tweeting:


Interest in the phenomnon saw traffic to websites such as to explode.

Others saw the light as a tohu with Vanessa Kururangi saying the lightsignaled theaccent of Papa Api Mahuika and Tama Huata to the next realm.

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