May 13, 2021

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Life change challenge to change the lives of kiwi kids

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Going to a remote 200 acre island in Fiji to be on an international TV Show doesnt sound like the usual way to solve Child Abuse in New Zealand, but that is exactly what Cherie Sweeney ofN.A.R.Kwants to do.

6517902Cherie is taking a very new and in this case extreme method to get back that fighter in me so I can fight for our kids she says. Cherie wants to be put to the test in the international TV Showthis is your life changechallenge, where over 14 days she will be working with a life coach and a business and personal trainer. She will be taken through a challenging and motivating programme that will see her do things even she never thought possible. I want to be moulded into a much stronger person, one who can take whatever is thrown at me. She says.

Cherie, known as theN.A.R.K (Nation of Advocates for the Rights of Kids)mum was branded a nark after speaking to police about the non-accidental death of Ngaruawahia baby 6month old Serenity Scott. When I first embarked on this campaign I just wanted to STOP Child Abuse and Neglect in New Zealand. Our countrys statistics with kids is appalling, 1 child dies every 5 weeks and 1 in 4 live in harsh poverty without the simple basics that many of us take for granted

Coincidentally after the arrest of Mark Ellery for Serenitys murder in January 2012, Cherie became the focus of anonymous trolls who created anti-Cherie blogs. They ridiculed me, my family and their past and my character was denigrated to the extent that I lost confidence in myself and worse, I began to believe that I would never make a difference, or be taken seriously again.

This became apparent when Cheries urgent concerns of a then 10 year old boys safety and needs were not heeded by Police and Child Youth and family, This young boy then went on to murder a Father of 3, Arun Kumar in front of his wife and family.

I tried to set up my campaign as a legal entity but was overshadowed by false accusations of fraud from these anonymous bloggers. She says I have never been charged or convicted of fraud ever.

More recently when investigating a repeat paedophile who had been manipulating the legal systems to gain access to children Cherie was Cyber attacked, in what she believes was an effort to discredit her and stop her work.426306_310322745696298_1023055641_n

Cherie would dearly love to see her dream ofN.A.R.K (Nation of Advocates for the Rights of Kids)become a real mover and shaker. She dreams of making a strong and positive impact on the lives of Kiwi kids suffering from Child Abuse and Poverty, Cherie feels that these children need someone to advocate for them and make real change on their behalf in our government and our communities.

I dream of being that person that pushes the New Zealand government for a cross-party approach to fighting child abuse in New Zealand as this has been wanted by many for the last 3 years. I will even help facilitate the talks if need be She says.

The This is your life change TV Show is the brain child ofMark Bowness, Ryan Magdziarz and Sofia Toumbas, who have come together to form a powerful team where just 6 people are given the opportunity to totally transform their life…forever! During the two weeks contestants will immerse in traditional Fijian culture, where this powerful team will challenge everything these participants ever knew about succeeding.

All 6 contestants come with a secret dream a business that they want to launch, a product that they are keen to create or like Cherie a charity that they are desperate to turn into a reality.

7 Days are left for all 2223 entrants from 49 Countries to make their mark and stand out from the rest. Can Cherie do it? Her reply All I can say is our kids are worth it.

This is Your Life change Challenger – Cherie Sweeney of N.A.R.K at cell 021 124 0563
This is Your Life Change Creater – Mark Bowness: 0390 282110 (Australia)+61 3 9028 2110(outside Australia)
For all media opportunities please email[email protected]

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