May 18, 2021

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Maori connecting to their ancestral marae #infographic #stats

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Time, distance, and cost are the main reasons Maori dont go to their ancestral marae more often, a Statistics New Zealand/Tatauranga Aotearoa infographic released recentlyshows.

Nga huarahi ki te marae: Maori connecting to their ancestral maraeshows that most Maori who know their ancestral marae want to go there more often than they do.

The infographic shows that cost, distance, and lack of time top the list of reasons for not visiting marae more often, household statistics manager Diane Ramsay said.

[pull_quote_left]These were the reasons most commonly given, regardless of whether people had visited their marae recently or had never been there at all.[/pull_quote_left]

The graphic also highlights that a lack of te reo or cultural knowledge, and feeling out of place were significant barriers for some Maori. Those who had never been to their marae were more than twice as likely as those who had, to report these as reasons they didnt go.

This infographic will give some insight into the varied reasons why Maori are unable to go to their marae as often as they might want to, Ms Ramsay said. We hope this will help iwi, hapu, and wh?nau support people on their journeys to their marae.

Nga huarahi ki te marae: Maori connecting to their ancestral maraeuses information collected in the Te Kupenga 2013 survey of Maori well-being.

Statistics New Zealand/Tatauranga Aotearoa this year marks 175 years of the Treaty of Waitangi (Te Tiriti o Waitangi) with this infographic and other information about Maori and New Zealand nationhood.



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