May 18, 2021

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Northland Emerging Leader Programme – Free workshops for rangatahi

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The Apprentice is part of the Mika Haka Foundation’s ‘Emerging Leaders Programme’ which focuses on supporting young people to self-managetheir livesand pathways. The aim is to provide creative coaching for rangatahito show them effectiveways to raise support for projects and define their own career choices.


The following will be covered during the workshop:


Lets plan Whats my goal this year and even your own project! Participants are guided to develop a realistic budget based on their goals. They are shown how to create realistic goals for savings and plan the steps needed to reach them with guest speakers


Participants will build a social media programme, constructing an actual digital platform during the module. They learn the best tools and techniques for monitoring personal social networks, as well as understanding and engaging with networks to create relevant and informative content for their career. They also discover how to determine the success of their social media activities what works and what doesnt, led by social media experts from Potaua Biasiny-Tule


An introductory course that helps participants to understand best practices in order to achieve maximum results in the working environment working smarter, not harder. From understanding best practices conceptually, participants will advance to examining, exploring and learning how to apply them in reality throughout the ELP. The module is built around keys to best practices that include a number of principles that will help them to become more effective and efficient in their daily activities. These principals also have the potential to transform personal lives.


Participants wanting change are more likely to succeed if they are in control of the change process. Self-management can impact a number of personal competencies, including self-confidence, self-control, accurate self-assessment, conscientiousness and reliability, and drive. This module contains tools to empower participants to:

  • Live life actively, rather than passively, understanding that the key to effectiveness is ahealthy combination of time management and self-management.
  • Choose, prioritize and schedule purposeful actions that will move them toward their goalsand dreams.
  • Use written tools of self-management (monthly planners, actions lists, commitment diariesand tracking forms to stay on course.


Nick Tansley, Mika Haka, Potaua Biasiny-Tule and of course Gareth Morgan

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