May 16, 2021

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Pakeha Economists Morgan and Brash to go head to head at Orewa

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It’s that time of the year again when the media spotlight will be back in the Far North as our country recognises 175 years of the Treaty of Waitangi.

Philanthropist and economist Gareth Morgan has taken on the challenge to educate those “pakeha who think the treaty is irrelevant. Morgans view is that everyone’s not getting a fair deal in the land of the long white cloud or as he suggests, in “Aotearoa New Zealand” and it’s time for Pakeha to get educated.

[pull_quote_left]Dr Morgan also believes that dedicated Maori seats and wards should be done away with BUT only once the Treaty of Waitangi is properly honoured, he told NZME today.[/pull_quote_left]

Tomorrow afternoon Dr Morgan will be holding a presentation at Orewa Rotary House to confront people he labels “Brash-thinkers” and has invited the Dr Brash himself to join in the debate. understands that Dr Brash has accepted the invitation and will “make comments” in response to Dr Morgan’s speech. Dr Brash will also beparticipating in the Q&A after the speaking event, with Former Member of Parliament, Georgina Beyer facilitating.

Orewa Rotary House is famous for the controversial speech where Dr Don Brash, as the leader of the national government, delivered a speech on the Treaty of Waitangi. Dr Morgan said the “speech one of the most damaging speeches ever made in terms of Treaty relations”.

[quote_center]It’s 11 years since Don made his speech, it’s time to have a rethink of our pre-existing ideas and look at what the research says on how the Treaty is impacting on society.[/quote_center]

Dr Morgan will share the research he and co-author Susan Guthrie have gathered over the last 5 years, and published in their book “Are we there yet”

Open to the public, come along, have a listen, ask some questions and enjoy a cup of tea afterwards!

  • Where: Orewa Rotary House, 2 Hibiscus Coast Highway
  • When: Wed 04 February, 12.30 pm

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