May 19, 2021

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Water, Data, Partnerships & Maori Solidarity

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Water is one of the most abundant yet precious resources we have, yet the contest for control seems to have moved up a gear with the Government once more claiming that water has no owner.

It was reported that the Iwi Leaders Group recently met with Deputy Prime Minister Bill English and Environment Minister Nick Smith to continue ongoing talks about water.

Given the drought in many areas of Aotearoa and the severe drought conditions at the northern end of the Pacific, the kaupapa of water will be of growing interest and concern for many whanau.

This week, we will be following up on our two recent korero on data. It has been heartening to hear from so many roopu and whanau who utilise data in the design of their organisation’s goals and in tracking the analytic information of hapu. We will continue to explore the tools provided to all whanau by Stats New Zealand and will take a deeper look at the Data Partnership proposal.

11081287_10152692344986759_2190568725029609150_nThe Te Arawa Partnership enters its final week for submissions. While we have witnessed many overtly racist and demeaning public statements by members of our community it has been our intention to remain positive and focused on shared benefits, on equality and on the matter of participation of the entire community. If you are in support of the Te Arawa Partnership model, there is an online template you can fill out if and we do recommend you ask to present in person.

1730099_web1_TMT-Protest_0035And finally, he mihi nui ki a koutou i ngai Maori me nga tangata whenua o nga hau e wha – much love to all as we join together in solidarity with our Aboriginal brothers and sisters in Australia taking action against the forced closure of their communities, with our Hawaiian whanau who stand for the protection of Mauna Kea as they oppose the extension of a giant telescope on their sacred maunga, to the communities of West Papua New Guinea who suffer at the hands of international business interests & political duplicity and kia kaha to our very own whanau in Glenn Innes who stood firm as the Government gentrified their neighbourhood.

Kia kaha tatou. Kia maia. Kia manawa nui.

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