May 6, 2021

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It’s about whānau! Getting ready for World Smokefree Day!

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World Smokefree Day is on 31 May and is about celebrating and working towards smokefree/auahi kore lives for New Zealanders.

[quote_center]This year the theme is “It’s about whānau.’[/quote_center]

Whānau is a driving force for many people wishing to protect others from the harms of second-hand smoke. This is a common cause for all people, cultures, communities and whānau. The call to action is for smokers and non-smokers to take control and stop exposing others to second-hand smoke, especially our tamariki.

World Smokefree Day also provides an opportunity to encourage and help those who want to quit smoking and support friends and whānau on their quit journey.

World Smokefree Day is celebrated and delivered at a local level through regional teams. Find out what is happening in your area by contacting your local World Smokefree Day facilitator.

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