May 7, 2021

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Ranea debuts at Number 1

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ranea aperahama

TIHEI MAURI ORA the debut solo album by RANEA Aperahama has cracked the number one spot on the Te Reo Māori Top 20 Airplay Chart.

“The album has been getting great airplay from Māori Radio Stations around New Zealand over the last month” said RANEA’s Manager Teresa McGregor.

[quote_center]“Last week the album reached number 2, and this week it’s moved to the top spot previously held by Stan Walker’s ‘Aotearoa’ featuring Maisey Rika, Troy Kingi and Ria Hall.”[/quote_center]

Funded by Te Māngai Pāho, TIHEI MAURI ORA is 100% in Te Reo Māori and all tracks were engineered and produced by award‐winning Producer Maaka Phat.

“We’re hoping mainstream radio will love the album too” said McGregor, “but it’s always been virtually impossible to get Māori music played on mainstream stations. However, it is NZ Music Month so here’s hoping they give their audiences the opportunity to hear some of the great songs which are on the album.”

TIHEI MAURI ORA is available now for download at and more info regarding RANEA can be found at

The Te Reo Maori Top 20 Chart is compiled by Radioscope, an independent data collection agency. RANEA Aperahama and his twin brother Ruia were members of the band Southside Of Bombay who had a NZ Top 10 hit with the song ‘What’s The Time Mr Wolf’ which featured in the film ‘Once Were Warriors’.


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