May 19, 2021

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Should we care about Prince Harry?

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Prince Harry has just begun his tour of Aotearoa and has started in Wellington where he’s been officially welcomed at Government House. Here he spent time with local school children and according to Stuff recieved his first hongi of the trip.

A Wero was performed by Thomas Vela, and Prince Harry accepted the dart that was placed on the ground before him.

A Karanga welcomed the prince to Government House before The Royal New Zealand Defence Force Tri-Series Maori Cultural group performed a haka for him.

So, does it even matter? Tikanga dictates that we welcome him and show him respect as manuhiri. But as a continuing symbol of the colonial oppression that has undermined Te Ao Māori – what is his place? Do we maintain our ties to the monarchy, we know our thoughts but what are yours?

Korero mai whānau, interested in your thoughts.

17 thoughts on “Should we care about Prince Harry?

  1. I don’t even know why this is even a dialogue. Of course we shouldn’t maintain ties to the ‘royalty’. We should immediately stop funding their 5 stars vacations to our country, and instead we should put it into the kids below our poverty line. That’s bloody what. Jezuz.

    1. How about you put your own kids above the poverty line by providing for them and not having any if you can’t? Your children are your concern, not mine and you want me to feed and clothe them with my hard earned taxes?

      1. Not that it is any of your business, but I do not have children, nor do I want them. I am however a humanitarian and believe that we should look after the ones currently on his planet, and I object to money being laid out for people who have privileged positions based upon an accent of birth. Stop being an asshole, you can always leave NZ and go to the US if you are so concerned with your tax dollars being directed towards those in need. Prick.

  2. It’s a girl so fucking what, it’s another born to the evil royal line if you think I’d celebrate the birth of another of those behind the theft and murder of indigenous lands and people and the slave trade you’ve got another think coming. They are the richest family in the world and occupy a realm of elevated importance and privilege from the profit of their STOLEN WEALTH. Their family sit at the head of many rapacious corporations responsible for heinous acts and global warming and the builderburgers, whose stated aim is a platform on the world population using sterilisation of the poor as it’s means to achieve it, is that “a celebration of life, a celebration of tradition, family morals and respect…” NO it’s Not. They enshrine into law secrecy acts applying only to themselves while the rest of the world suffer under daily attacks to their privacy and freedoms. If you made a study of the royals with a critical eye and judged them on their history and conduct thru out history you would wonder how the british still allow them vast payments of their taxes on a yearly ongoing basis. So fuck em and fuck their latest one the world can’t afford their lifestyle choices!

    And here we have another one of them going around the stolenwealth getting his jollies. Who’s paying for his jaunt???? ya can be damn sure it’s not him or his evil whanau. Naah it’ll be NZ tax payers because even tho they’re the richest family on the planet they don’t pay for shit not even their evil history of STOLEN WEALTH.

    1. Reading your diatribe Jacob, I’m sure the only evil thing here is you! As you are clearly of mixed race and whiter than my ghostly white arse Jacob, it fascinates me you could be so angry and so racist toward your own race.

  3. In terms of the institution that he represents, he is a very important figure to Maori (in my opinion). Successive govts have proven how easy it is for them to remove our Treaty rights ad hoc. The very tenuous constitutional stronghold that the monarchy holds over the ruling government is thankfully enough to stop the total destruction of our identity altogether.

    1. Thats how i see it too, As much as i agree with what the other comments say about the royal family in the end if we cut ties, were does that leave the treaty? it leaves it as worthless as toilet paper the corporate govt will wipe its arse on, it will be the end of heritage to the future generations.

      1. A republic will finally spell the death knoll for the treaty gravy train, the mixed race fat cats that perpetuate its myth for the sake of personal gain and an egalitarian nation, not one divided along racial lines that no longer exist.

    2. I agree Milton. The worst thing for Māori would be to do away with the treaty and the British Royals are the ONLY monarchy that acknowledges our rangatira lineage!

    3. Your identity has already been completely and permanently destroyed by your own hand. By breeding with Caucasians your Maori genetics are rapidly disappearing with each generation and your make believe culture is a contrived mix of Maori, Rarotongan, Malay and 19th century Missionary inventions.

        1. Maggots like him don’t have the guts to put a face to their inane idiotic comments, they not worth the time it takes to flush the dunny

      1. Oh dear, how sad, never mind. You don’t deserve an answer but I don’t believe in being impolite.

  4. Didn’t these boys serve with the British army in Afganistan? That’s a 14-year-long occupation that has claimed countless lives and stifled the country’s development and social progress. Bin Laden ain’t hiding there and never was. So you see, Britain, riding along on America’s coat-tails, is still behaving like an empire, the ‘royal’ family too.

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