May 12, 2021

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Mau Whenua hope Maori Land Court will hear their Shelly Bay case

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Iwi members fighting the sale of land at Marukaikuru / Shelly Bay are pinning their hopes on the Māori Land Court after the funder for their High Court case pulled out (Report from RNZ)

Mau Whenua have been occupying the land in Wellington where a controversial $500 million development is planned.

The Wellington City Council voted to sell the land in early November and Mau Whenua was due to appear in the High Court next March in a bid to overturn the sale.

In a statement last week, Mau Whenua said a major party funding the case will no longer help them pay the $2.2m required to continue the case.

Mau Whenua spokesperson Anaru Mepham said without funding, the group is unable to take it to the High Court. He said they still have an active case with the Māori Land Court where they will be pushing for the judge to look at the contentious land sale.

Anaru Mepham and Mau Whenua members have been occupying the site since the council voted to sell the land.

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