May 18, 2021

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Seeking Early Career Researcher

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In the 2021 Kaupapa kākano Seed project funding round, the main priority is to support Early Career Researchers (ECRs). On this page you will find the ‘ECR criteria’ for a detailed description of what SfTI considers an ECR.

SfTI considers ECR and emerging researchers to be synonymous. An ECR/emerging researcher has spent no more than seven (7) years full-time equivalent in an active research role after completing their highest research degree.

If the ECR is the primary-caregiver then the eligibility period may be increased by 2 years per dependent child born in the period (e.g. two dependent children born in the 7 years post highest degree could extend the eligible period to 11 years).  If the ECR has had part-time employment as a researcher or significant periods of sickness leave, then the contribution to the 7 years full-time equivalent is pro-rata.

Any ECR who is unsure whether they meet the eligibility criteria (e.g. has worked in non-research role post highest degree) or is claiming extension to the eligibility period due to a dependent child, part-time research employment or sickness leave should confirm their eligibility prior to submitting their proposal by emailing [email protected].

To be eligible for the ECR priority, ALL the researchers in the team must be ECRs noting that a postgraduate student undertaking a research degree is an ECR irrespective of age by default.

A team of ECRs may have a senior researcher as an unfunded (zero FTE) mentor. Mentors play a role in advising the ECR on various aspects of project management, career guidance and professional development but they should not have a scholarly input into the proposed research (if they do, they should be listed as researchers instead). Mentors should ideally be based at the ECRs organisation.

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