May 12, 2021

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Sustainability Reporting Survey 2020 (KPMG)

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We are delighted to share the results of our latest ESG reporting research. Following our previous research three years ago, we wanted to know how reporting had advanced both in New Zealand and globally.

This year’s research is the largest and most comprehensive to date with more than 5,000 companies reviewed internationally, providing a tremendously rich dataset.

The data includes a review of the reporting of 100 of the largest revenue generating organisations in New Zealand, covering the public and private sectors – from large NZX listed entities to subsidiaries of multi-nationals; from locally owned cooperatives to governmental agencies. We have gained insights into how New Zealand organisations have developed their ESG reporting over the last three years and how we compare to our international peers.  We share our findings in this report – some news is encouraging, other aspects more confronting, but valuably it points us at areas where we can improve.

We trust this research will stimulate discussion. It is right that we acknowledge the progress that has been made, but more importantly we must recognise that the quality bar is being raised for a reason. Significant improvement and substantive actions are needed if we are to play our part in meeting the challenges ahead.

The time has come The changing face of reporting in New Zealand Download PDF (7.6 MB)

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