May 10, 2021

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Kiwi lip-sync dub software used in Money Heist gets Covid binge-watching boost

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A Kiwi company is seeing a boost in sales of its lip-sync dubbing software as housebound audiences binge their way through online streaming service catalogues during Covid-19 lockdowns (Source: TVNZ, TV1).

The New York Times last year published a piece about how Netflix is looking to make its English-dubbed shows look “less dubby”.

New Zealand company Kiwa Digital has taken advantage of that, with its VoiceQ software becoming a must-have for production companies.

VoiceQ allows them to record new language tracks over a piece of content, and it allows them to do that remotely — a must-have in the age of Covid-19.

With VoiceQ, the voice actor’s lines scroll across the screen over top of the original content, karaoke-style, and the actor watches along and performs their part, rather than reading from a piece of paper.

Changes to the script can be made on the fly to pace it correctly, and to make the words match up better with the lip movements of the on-screen actor, making for a more natural-looking dub, the company says. 

The results are far from the old days of badly dubbed kung fu movies.

Viewers may have seen VoiceQ in action in the recent Netflix hit Money Heist, based on Spanish Series Le Casa De Papel, which was the streaming platform’s most-watched non-English series in 2018, and also one of the most-watched series overall.

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